About Born to create


How I Became Web Developer

When I begun to code Websites I did so to express my feelings, my thoughts, my personality. It was the time of awful shimmering wild colored animated gif graphics, things like that. Windows 95 was the operation system on any private PC. So I blogged, created funny animated stuff in flash and had fun doing weird things with javascript.

Elder and wiser, I became with my IT lessons at school. But what am I saying - It was fucking boring, because there wasn't much I didn't know already. Only one classmate was more experienced. Let's call him a geek - only working with Linux systems. After school, I've absolved an education as software engineer at FIZ Karlsruhe, worked there for a year and started to study "Medieninformatik". I've had some aid money and improved my money making my first web customers.

But aid money was gone some day, so I had to abort my study to work in full time again. While studying and working again afterwards I've gathered enough knowledge to be able to create fascinating responsive web projects completely on my own in a very short time. What you see here is the proof.

My Philosophy

If there is anything a machine could do fully automatic for you, make the machine doing it for you. It safes a lot of time and keeps your mind free of those tasks.