About Let there be creators

We entered the world just the same way as you. And we started to believe. And we started to make a change.
And there might once be light. Believe. Feel the future. Be impressive. Be the wonder. Let's make it a better place.
The two words of most power are: I am

My Team "Byte Ninjas"

Timo - the maker, drive, energizer, writer and philosopher who has the right answer to every question and for whom nothing seems impossible. He has always wanted to create something special that will last. When the children came to him in January 2023, he woke up from the long phase of darkness - something had to change. So he began to take his life back into his own hands by means of personality development through Erschaffe Dich Neu gradually healing all emotional and cognitive wounds and creating new professional and vocation fields. He drummed up his team scattered all over the world to shape the future together.


AAnonymous - The hacker, visionary, inventor, revolutionary and creator of the impossible, who masters the elements of physics, mathematics, programming and far beyond better than anyone else. A person who can hardly be described as such, capable of changing everything and who's therefore better left in the shadows, while others present his incredible achievements in good doses.

Nadir - The designer, nimble as a weasel, elegant like nothing else, able to always present the right layout with just one throw. He has also been there for more than 7 years, has experienced ups and downs and gives everything to finally be able to lead a better life. Nadir has become a loyal friend and despite the fact that we have never met I consider him part of my family. Of all the thousands of people I don't know anyone who is as reliable as he is. You can ALWAYS count on him.


Hassan - The developer and learner, always ready to push his skills even further. There from the beginning. Came on board with Nadir, one of his most loyal friends, seen enough, experienced enough - ready to create new worlds and then enter them.

Many more - The cogs of progress are numerous. Many have already found each other and will still find each other. We are a world with a common future and this future should be something special, not just for us, but for everyone.



Start living now and count each day as a life of your own // No human has ever been wise by accident // Join forces with people who can improve you // Most powerful is the one who has himself in his power

How I Became Web Developer

When I begun to code Websites I did so to express my feelings, my thoughts, my personality. It was the time of awful shimmering wild colored animated gif graphics, things like that. Windows 95 was the operation system on any private PC. So I blogged, created funny animated stuff in flash and had fun doing weird things with javascript.

Elder and wiser, I became with my IT lessons at school. But what am I saying - It was fucking boring, because there wasn't much I didn't know already. Only one classmate was more experienced. Let's call him a geek - only working with Linux systems. After school, I've absolved an education as software engineer at FIZ Karlsruhe, worked there for a year and started to study "Medieninformatik". I've had some aid money and improved my money making my first web customers.

But aid money was gone some day, so I had to abort my study to work in full time again. While studying and working again afterwards I've gathered enough knowledge to be able to create fascinating responsive web projects completely on my own in a very short time. What you see here is the proof.

My Philosophy

If there is anything a machine could do fully automatic for you, make the machine doing it for you. It safes a lot of time and keeps your mind free of those tasks.